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Cooked by Pamela, your breakfast should fill you up. Our take on breakfast is "just like grandma"  with a bit of a twist. We have a bunch of specialties and like to try our hand at something new. If there is something we need to serve you that is special for your health or you don't like, please let us know. We encourage our guests to give us this kind of information. You can't do a bed and breakfast and not have both of those items done to almost perfection. It is rumored to be the most important meal of the day and for us its our way of saying thank you for staying!

Some of the wonderful things we love to make for you are:
Breakfast at Christmas House Racine

Bird's Nest

We purchase fresh bakery bread and cut a nice thick slice. The middle is cut out to be able to crack a fresh egg inside. The egg is done to your liking but over medium works the best. The bread and egg combination is flipped and toasted to perfection on both sides. The finishing touch is sprinkled cheddar cheese on top melted just before it is served.  Served with bacon or sausage, fresh fruit and a sweet treat of muffins or breads freshly baked from our kitchen.

Breakfast at Christmas House Racine

Pamela’s French Toast

Pamela loves to cook breakfast. This is her own special recipe. Nice thick slices of French bread are soaked overnight in Pamela’s special egg mixture. Cooked on a nice hot griddle this tasty treat is served with Wisconsin Maple Syrup. Nice thick slices of bacon or sausage, fresh fruit and a sweet treat of muffins or breads freshly baked from our kitchen start your morning off right.

Breakfast at Christmas House Racine

Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze

Scrumptious pancakes made from scratch from beginning to end. A blend of spices and fresh grated carrots make this pancake breakfast a delight to the taste buds. Topped with a mouthwatering cream cheese glaze and yummy bananas to garnish the plate, this twist on pancakes will surely make your day start off right.

Breakfast at Christmas House Racine

House Made Quiche

A variety of quiche is made fresh for your selection. We can put just about anything you ask into our quiche and love to try new combinations.  Our quiche is served warm right out of the oven along with  toasted bakery bread , local jam and fresh fruit.  A sweet treat from our kitchen always comes with our breakfast.

Breakfast at Christmas House Racine

Potato Breakfast Boat

Baked potatoes are not just for lunch and dinner anymore. Here at Christmas House we twice bake our Wisconsin Russets, roll them in sea salt and fill them up with lots of delectable vegetables, meats and a nice egg with cheese. So enjoy a bit of heartiness for breakfast.

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